Privacy Policy

1. Principles

Privacy is a human right and software should help protect your rights.

  1. We don’t require you to register or log in.
  2. We don’t have access to your funds (private keys).
  3. We don’t require your name or email address.

2. Registration Not Required (the “Menger”) does not require you to register or log in.

3. Private Keys Stay on Device

Your private keys will stay on your device.

4. Camera Data Stays on Device

Your camera will only be used for reading QR codes. Camera images will never leave your device.

5. Physical Location

Your physical location will never be communicated to us, unless you provide prior specific consent.

6. Blockchain Transactions

Your blockchain transactions may be relayed through servers (“nodes”) and will be publicly visible due to the public nature of distributed ledger systems.

7. Secure Communication with Our Servers

All of our servers support HTTPS.

8. Communication with Third-Party Servers

Exchange rates, balances, transactions and other blockchain information may be read from, or relayed to, third-party servers. We cannot guarantee the privacy of your Internet connection.

9. Third-Party Services

Menger has software integrations with third-party services that you may choose to use. If you do use third-party services through Menger then they will be clearly marked and there may be other terms or privacy policies that apply.

10. Aggregate Usage Statistics

We may collect Menger usage information in order to improve function or UI, but will only use this information in an aggregated, anonymized fashion, and never in association with your name, email, or other personally identifying information (Personally Identifying Information).

11. Optional Extra PII

You may choose to provide us with personally identifying information in order to participate in certain programs, activate features, or obtain other benefits but you will always be able to use the basic features of Menger without providing personally identifying information. If you provide us with personally identifying information then, notwithstanding any part of this policy, we may use that information in order to provide you with services or to improve the functioning or UI of Menger.

12. All User Information is Confidential

Your personally identifying information will be kept strictly confidential and never provided to third parties (other than in an aggregated, anonymized report such as number of users per month).

13. Support Requests

If you contact support then as part of the support request we may incidentally collect your personally identifying information but we will endeavor to keep that information secure and confidential. Support information may be managed using a third-party service and further terms of that service may apply to your support request.

14. Privacy Questions

Questions should be directed to:

Menger reserves the right to change or amend any part of its Privacy Policy at any time in the future.

Native apps

We provide native apps for macOS and iOS systems.

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